Me and my cock_darcyelliottBiography :-

I got my first camera when I was eight and smashed it with my father’s ball-peen hammer within a week. It didn’t make what I saw.

Photography is not about technology or technique or a device, it’s about real human intention. My intention is to show something that comes from within the subject, a representation of its’ own essence, whatever that is.

Can photography go further than a two dimensional representation of what the camera had in view, or does the photographer transcend that limitation in their art?

I say that’s what any artist should strive to achieve. what I hope you will see in my art is an exploration in that process.

I hope you will see beauty in the mundane, the forgotten, the overlooked.

Everything has a purpose, everything is connected, every aspect of what we see is worth seeing.

In this we find our approach to change. In this we are thankful in each moment.